Director Message:- (Cornel R.K.Singh)

Cornel R.K.Singh (Retired) has vast enriched administration, in ship and combat experience. On having commissioned in the army in 1970, he was posted on border and took active part in Indo-Pak 1971 war. He has been instructor in NDA, Khadakvasla and IMA Deharadun. He has been associated with many defense institution and other education institutions.

He has been conferred Ph.D. degree in Mathematics on summability of Fourier series by Vikram University in 1976. His papers on application of matrix and probability techniques in defense have vast scope and application. Colonel R.K.Singh specialized on leadership, motivation and personality development.

One of the leading civilizations in ancient times, India had been spear heading in Science & Technology and had shown path to the world. Unfortunately owing to foreign invasions the progress of India had been stagnated for some time.

After independence, India has brought perceptive changes in education policy which is bearing fruits. A large number of our engineers, doctors, scientists, economists and sociologists have contributed enormously in building India as well as leading developed countries of the world.

Swami Vivekananda defined education as “the manifestation of the perfection already in man”. Education empowers an individual in exploiting his/her potential optimally and enables efficiently and effectively in overcoming the encountered problems. It is providing leadership in various spheres and helping the young in facing the challenges.

Helios college endeavors to empower young students academically, physically and enhancing their overall personality in providing leadership in various walks of life.

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